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Sober Yogis

Sober Yogis is an 8 week program for individuals in recovery being offered by True Bikram Yoga and myself. Participants attend 5 weekly 90 minute Bikram Yoga classes and 1 of 2 available group therapy sessions. Enrollment allows for unlimited practice for 8 weeks at either True Bikram location. Upon completion of the program participants will recieve 1 month of free classes!

Recovery is not just about stopping the use of the substances, but about healing your mind and body while creating a life where it is easier and more rewarding to not use. Yoga is a proven and powerful way to reduce the effects of Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWS). These symptoms can include depression, anxiety, sleep disturbance, emotional volatility and apathy. Through the development of optimal physical health, mindfulness and the supportive community of fellow recovering yogis, participants will experience immediate relief from the neurological and physical responses to stress and trauma while developing skills to reduce the effects in their lives outside the rooms.

Please contact me directly for more information about the Sober Yogis Program. For more information about True Bikram Yoga, please visit